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Bringing craftsmanship to construction 

Are you looking for a reliable carpenter to help bring your vision to life? Look no further than Northco Constructions! 

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Quality Carpentry Services in Darwin, NT

Northco constructions employ competent and qualified local trades and suppliers.

What We Do

Northco Constructions is a Darwin based company offering total carpentry and deck building solutions for residential and commercial projects. Our focus is on quality and reliability on any project or private job we undertake.

Working Together

If you are building a new home, renovating an existing premises, needing carpentry repairs on your property, or perhaps in need of a building a deck and outdoor entertaining area, we have carpenters available for all of your construction needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our team consists of a professional team of qualified tradesman that cover all areas of carpentry and construction, with access to a network of trades from other industries to complete entire construction or just the home renovation and repair.


At Northco Constructions, we specialise in residential carpentry and have been serving the Darwin area for over 25 years. We are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Our team of experienced carpenters will work with you to ensure that all projects are completed to your exact specifications.

We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and long-lasting construction and carpentry projects that will add value to your property. Contact us today to get started on your dream renovation project

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Check out our work

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darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

New Builds and Renovations

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Property Maintenance & Repairs

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction


darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

All Residential Carpentry

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Shop Fitouts

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction


darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction


darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction


darwin carpenters, darwin renovations, darwin extensions, deck builder, decking, deck construction

Proven. Loved. Relied on.

More than 100+ businesses love Northco Constructions
Hear it from those who have used Northco Constructions

I can not fault the outstanding work and professionalism of Andrew. His work is absolutely flawless. He is a perfectionist and a really good and honest person. There should be more people like Andrew. It was an easy and smooth sailing process from booking in for a quote until our deck was finished. Thank you once again.


John Lovich

Happy Customer

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Remote Work

When it comes to remote work projects, Northco are your trusted partner. Our team of skilled carpenters are well-versed in overcoming logistical challenges to ensure your project is completed to perfection, no matter how isolated the location.

We bring efficiency, quality materials, and a commitment to meeting deadlines, making us the ideal choice for decking, verandahs, renovations and fit out services in even the most challenging terrains.

Government & Communities

At Northco Constructions, we understand the significance of government and community projects in enhancing public spaces. Whether it's a remote community centre, public park, or recreational facility, our decking services adhere to the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

We take pride in our ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders and deliver exceptional results that leave a lasting positive impact on remote communities.

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Remote Stations

From remote stations to off-grid structures, we have the expertise to build decks that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and deliver a comfortable and functional outdoor space.

Our team is well-versed in adapting to the unique challenges that remote stations present, ensuring our decking solutions complement the existing infrastructure seamlessly.


Resorts are havens of relaxation and indulgence, and our resort carpentry services strive to elevate that experience to new heights.

From crafting luxurious wooden furnishings for guest rooms to constructing elegant pergolas and outdoor lounges, we create a harmonious blend of nature and comfort.

Our resort carpentry team works diligently to transform your resort into an enchanting destination, offering guests an unforgettable stay amidst the lap of luxury.

darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction
darwin-carpenters, deck-builder, deck-construction

Carpentry Services

Everything you need in one place


Doors and Locks:

Whether you need to upgrade your home's entrance with a stylish new door or enhance security with advanced locking systems, our skilled carpenters have got you covered. We offer a wide range of door options and lock solutions to suit your unique needs.

Welding and Steel Fabrication:

From custom metal gates and fences to structural steel fabrication, our team of welders and fabricators possess the expertise to handle any welding or steel fabrication project with utmost precision and professionalism.

Security Doors and Fly Screens:

Enhance your home's security without compromising on ventilation and natural light. Our range of security doors and fly screens provide an extra layer of protection against insects and intruders while maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Timber and Steel Wall Framing:

Whether you're constructing a new home or renovating an existing property, our timber and steel wall framing services ensure sturdy and reliable structures that stand the test of time.


A sturdy and well-maintained roof is crucial for protecting your home from the harsh weather conditions in Darwin. Our roofing experts excel in roof installation, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring your property remains safe and protected.

Decking and Verandahs:

Whether you desire a cozy retreat or an entertainment haven, our decking and verandah solutions will transform your space into a stunning and inviting sanctuary. Trust our expertise to create the perfect extension of your home and make the most of your outdoor moments.

Shop Fitouts:

Your shop is more than just a retail space; it's an expression of your brand and a gateway to your customers. Our carpentry services for shop fit-outs blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your store exudes an inviting atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. 

Contact us:

Join the ever-growing list of satisfied clients who have chosen Northco Constructions for their residential carpentry needs in Darwin, NT. Get in touch with us today via phone or email to discuss your requirements.

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